Kangaroo MOD 3 Thread Storage

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Do you like to keep all of your thread and notions tidy? The MOD 3 Thread Storage Cabinet is for you. The cabinet includes 3 pull out thread/spool holders and 4 fabric baskets to store notions or anything else you need. Organize everything by color, size, brand, or material…you choose!  It rests on casters allowing you to move it from place to place. Once in place, the casters lock and the bi-fold door closes to conceal the contents for a clean and neat look. Did you know we have a MOD Squad? View all of the pieces here.  


  • Includes 3 pull out thread/spool holders
  • Holds 45 standard 1 ¾” size spools in each pullout, 135 spools total
  • Smooth glide ball bearing drawers for easy opening and closing
  • Includes 4 pink collapsible fabric baskets
  • Two baskets per shelf (two are hidden in product image)
  • 4 rolling casters for excellent portability and stability
  • The front two casters lock in place
  • Bi-fold door closes neatly and conceals threat pullouts and baskets
  • Use alone or in conjunction with other MOD Squad components
  • Can be purchased as part of the MOD Squad Set
  • Available Finish: White


  • MOD Thread Storage Cabinet – 29 ½” W x 23” D x 30” H
  • Thread Spool Shelf – 2” W x 16 ¾ D x 3” H
  • Fabric Box x 4 – 10” W x 10” D x 11” H

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