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Sulky Cut-Away PLUS

Permanent, medium weight non-woven stabilizer, with a soft hand…

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Sulky Fuse ‘n Stitch

A permanent, crisp, heavyweight stabilizer with a soft hand…

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Sulky Soft ’n Sheer

Permanent, lightweight, textured, non-woven nylon that is ultra soft…

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Sulky Solvy

The original sulky solvy lightweight water soluble stabilizer!

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Sulky Sticky+

The ideal stabilizer for hooped, computerized machine embroidery!

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Sulky Super Solvy

The perfect heavier stabilizer and transfer agent that dissolves…

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Sulky Tear-Easy

Provides great stability combined with effortless removal that doesn’t…

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Sulky Tender Touch

Protects sensitive skin from scratchy stitches. A soft and…

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Sulky Totally Stable

Totally stabilize virtually any fabric in seconds with no…

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Sulky Ultra Solvy

The perfect extremely firm stabilizer and transfer agent that…

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