Clubs are a great way to learn how the get the most out of your machine, find out what’s newm or just make friends.  Your club will provide a powerful network of people who own the same machine as you and there’s nothing quite as fun as working with people who truly enjoy sewing and embroidering. Our classroom is spacious with a 52″ big screen TV so there’s not a bad seat in the house!  When we have national educators in, they love being able to hook their laptops straight up to it so that everyone gets to see what they are showing.

We have several different clubs and guilds that meet here.
The clubs that we offer are Janome ClubBrother Club, Quilt Club, and Nite Owls.

Our club leaders love what they do and it shows! They spend hours coming up with projects that are fun while teaching you how to run your machine. We feel that they are the best in Texas!

Outstanding club leaders,

Another “Warehouse” advantage!